How do I unstake?

Withdrawing your staked tokens from Houdini Swap involves a “trigger-based” process. You have the flexibility to choose between a notice period without a penalty or immediate ly unstake with a 25% penalty, based on your needs and preferences. When you unstake you must unstake 100% of your balance.”

Here are the details of the two options:

Option 1 - 90- Day Notice, Unstake in Full

  • Initiate a 90-Day Notice Period: When you choose this option, your tokens enter a 90-day notice period before they unlock.

  • Reward Suspension: No rewards are earned during this notice period.

  • Claiming Tokens: After 90 days, you claim both your deposited tokens and any earned rewards in full.

Option 2 - Immediate Unstake, with Penalty

  • Instant Unstake: This option allows you to withdraw your tokens immediately.

  • Incurred Penalty: A 25% toll is applied. This toll is calculated on your total staked balance, including both deposited and earned tokens.

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