▪️Fee Structure

Our User-friendly Fee Approach

  • No Direct User Fees: We charge no direct fees to our users. Instead, our revenue comes from rebated commissions obtained from transactions routed through our exchange partners, ensuring that users do not pay higher fees than they would directly on the exchanges.

  • Fees by Exchange Partners: Fees for individual transactions are set independently by each exchange partner, based on factors such as token liquidity, market volatility, transaction slippage, and network fees.

Fee Allocation

  • Distribution of Fees: Total fees approximate ~0.50% of transaction volume. The majority of 0.45%, supports the Houdini Swap Staking Program, while the remaining is allocated for development costs.

  • Treasury Operations: Fees collected are managed by the treasury, which:

  1. Accumulates fees from exchange partners.

  2. Converts these fees via buybacks into $LOCK, the platform's native token.

  3. Allocates funds for development and management services.

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