▫️Withdrawal Options

The Staking Program offers user-centric, flexible withdrawal options, allowing stakers greater control over their assets while aligning with the platform's overall economic model. It is structured on a “trigger-based” withdrawal system, where users actively decide when to withdraw their tokens. This approach empowers users with the autonomy to manage their staking according to their individual needs and circumstances.

Option 1: 90- Day Notice, Unstake in Full

  • 90-Day Notice Period: Users opting for this withdrawal method provide a 90-day notice period. During this time, the staked tokens remain locked and no further rewards are accumulated.

  • Full Tokens Claim: After the completion of the notice period, users are eligible to claim both their initially deposited tokens and the rewards accumulated up to the start of the notice period.

Option 2: Immediate Unstake, with Penalty

  • Immediate Access: This option caters to users seeking instant withdrawal of their $LOCK from the staking pool.

  • Penalty Imposition: A 25% penalty is applied to the total staked $LOCK balance, including both deposited tokens and any earned rewards.

Untstake Token Quantity

  • In order to unstake users can only unstake 100% of their staked balance.

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