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Under The Hood

Send - Swap - Bridge

With Houdini Swap you can privately swap, send or bridge between cryptocurrencies on the same or different blockchains.

Step 1 - Get Your Order Quote

  • Select Crypto Pair: Pick the two tokens you want to Swap, Send, or Bridge from and to.

  • Enter Amount: Specify the crypto amount to transfer. Choose Fixed for a specific amount to be received or Variable for best market-dependent rates.

  • Price Optimized: Houdini Swap automatically finds the lowest rates.

  • No Wallet Connect: For enhanced security, you are not required to connect your wallet

Step 2 - Send Your Funds to Start

  • Receiving Wallet Address: Input the address of the receiving wallet, ensuring it's on the same blockchain as the receiving currency.

  • Initiate Order: Send the specified crypto amount to the Houdini Swap address provided.

Step 3 - Transaction Completion

  • Transaction Processing: Takes 20-40 minutes on average for Private Transactions and 3 minutes for Semi-Private..

  • Track Progress: Follow your transaction's progress once your transaction initiates.

Contact Support: Reach out to our Support Team for assistance via the link below.

Order ID: Please provide your Order ID to help us quickly address your issue.

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