▫️My order is marked as 'Completed,' but I haven't received the funds?

A 'Completed' order status without fund receipt is usually due to network-related delays. Checking the transaction history through a blockchain scanner can clarify the situation. If the issue persists, our Support Team is ready to help resolve it promptly.

Here’s how to proceed:

Check for Pending Transaction

  • Network Congestion: Often, a spike in network gas fees during the transaction confirmation time can cause delays.

  • Use Blockchain Scanners: To verify, use a blockchain scanner like Etherscan or BSCScan. Search your receiving wallet address history and check for any transactions marked as 'pending'.

  • Pending Transaction Indication: If there’s a pending deposit transaction, it’s likely a temporary delay due to gas fee fluctuations and should resolve with time.

No Pending Transaction Found

  • Contact Support: If your blockchain scanner search doesn’t show a pending deposit transaction, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance by clicking the link below.

  • Provide Order ID: Make sure to provide your Order ID to help us quickly address issue.

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