▫️Is Houdini Swap a crypto mixer?

No, Houdini Swap does not operate as a crypto mixer. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Fundamental Difference from Crypto Mixers

  • Crypto Mixer Function: Crypto mixers typically aggregate crypto in a pool to obscure their origin and destinations and in so doing operate as a form of financial intermediary. They are recognised as being widely used in illicit activity and in some jurisdictions, notably the United States, where their unregulated use may be illegal.

  • Our Approach: Houdini Swap offers compliant private transactions which, amongst other things, are subject to industry standard AML/ATF screening systems and processes and is exclusively for the use of legitimate users who participate in legal activity.

AML Compliance and Security Measures:

  • AML Systems with Exchange Partners: All our exchange partners employ real-time Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Anti-Terrorism Financing (ATF) systems. These systems actively monitor transactions and can block those identified as high-risk or linked to illegal activities.

  • Transaction Limits and Restrictions: To further safeguard against misuse, we do not accept transactions exceeding $50,000. Additionally, transactions originating from the Tor network, often associated with illicit activities, are not accepted on our platform.

  • Compliant Systems and Ethical Standards: Our operational model is built on compliant systems and ethical financial practices.

  • User Responsibility: We emphasise the importance of legal and proper use of our platform by our users.

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