What are Houdini Swap's fees?

Houdini Swap’s fee structure is designed to be clear, inclusive, and cost-effective and is designed with you in mind. We do not charge direct fees, and our partnership with exchanges ensures competitive rates, often lower than going directly to the exchanges themselves. Our revenue model, based on commissions from exchanges, ensures that your rates remain unaffected.

Here’s How It Works

No Direct User Fees

We charge no direct fees to our users.

Fees by Exchange Partners

Fees for individual transactions are set independently by each exchange partner, based on factors such as token liquidity, market volatility, transaction slippage, and network fees.

All-Inclusive Quote

The fee we quote is all-inclusive. This means it covers all exchange fees, network gas fees, and swap spreads.

Exchange Partner Costs

Costs such as network gas fees and swap spreads are incurred by our exchange partners.

Competitive Rates

Using Houdini Swap will not cost you more than if you were to go directly to the exchanges. Due to our established relationships with exchange partners, you are likely to pay less in most circumstances.

Commission Model

Houdini Swap receives an industry-standard commission from the exchange for routing your transaction. Importantly, this commission does not impact the rate you pay.

No Hidden Charges

We ensure that there are no hidden fees or additional charges beyond the all-inclusive rate provided.

Transparent Fair Fees

Our aim is to provide you clarity on fees and ensure a highly competitive pricing model.

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