▪️Our Backstory

Our Backstory

We are at heart technologists with a passion for building Web 3 DeFi tools that seamlessly navigate crypto’s complexity for people. We started in transactional privacy with elegant compliant solutions that work. We did so by answering: “Why does privacy have to be so complicated?” Now Houdini Swap is the place where people go for simple, compliant, functional privacy and we are the market leader with annualized volume exceeding $1 billion and continuing rapid adoption. Along the way 30% of our volume grew from people seeking an elegant simple-to-use app for secure cross-chain swaps instead of the complexity of traditional bridging.

Houdini Swap v3

Our new challenge; “Why is it so complicated to send or swap any token to any chain?” With Houdini Swap v3 we are transforming how people move assets in crypto, providing them breathtaking options across every chain with an elegant, simple-to-use app, eliminating the complexity of cross-chain and same-chain transactions.

Bridges, DEXs, DEX aggregators, liquidity aggregators, and CEXs shouldn't have to be segregated and fragment the transaction experience. It’s complicated, confusing and often frustrating. Houdini Swap v3 brings something new to the space. No complicated processes or tools, Houdini Swap v3 now includes a super aggregation layer for one-click swaps from any token on any chain to any token on any chain. We’ve combined all of Web 3’s liquidity sources to deliver 4000 tokens across every chain so you can move in and out of any position simply and easily.

One tool for all your transacting needs also with crypto’s best compliant privacy.

Houdini Swap - transact freely.

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